365 days, 100 posts, 1 happy camper

365 days, 100 posts, 1 happy camperOne year ago today, I took a bold leap into the present and signed up for a WordPress blog. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I didn’t know the difference between a post and a page. I didn’t know how to insert a photo. I didn’t even know it was possible to change the title of my first post, which is why it has that stupid “Hello World!” heading.

On July 3, 2010, my inaugural effort garnered one whole page view. (Thanks, Dad!) When I got my first (legitimate) comment on July 16th, I was thrilled to realize that someone was reading my words without being obligated by either blood or marriage. (Thanks, Judy!)

Since then, the number of eyeballs hitting my site has grown. WordPress gave me a boost by selecting “Oh, the places you’ll go!” as one of its featured blog posts on Freshly Pressed. That made March 2nd my most successful day to date, with 3,672 views. The runner-up, “Become an Ugly Expat in 12 easy steps,” has had almost 2,000 hits. To someone who went all aquiver when her page views climbed into double digits, these stats are like manna from heaven.

I Was An Expat WifeToday, on the occasion of both my one-year blogiversary and my 100th post, I’m feeling so grateful for the journey of the past 365 days. I’m looking forward to whatever the future holds. But before I begin Year Two of I Was An Expat Wife, I’m taking a week — maybe two — for some sorely-needed chill time. The first half of 2011 has been my family’s semi-annus horribilis and I need to jump off for a moment and catch my breath.

Thanks to all of you for reading, commenting, tweeting, and otherwise engaging in this, my labour of love. See you soon.

365 days, 100 posts, 1 happy camper


About Maria

I'm a Canadian repatriate, former expat spouse, mother to two TCKs (and one yellow Lab), mentor to new immigrants, writer, reader, world traveller (grounded for now). I write about expat/repat issues and am still trying to figure out my place in the world.
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15 Responses to 365 days, 100 posts, 1 happy camper

  1. shaolin31 says:

    Hello! I’ve been following your blog since 6 months then I really love it. I was in Cananda, Vancouver exactly during 3 months to improve my written and speaking English skills and it was amazing to meet people coming from everywhere, sharing our culture, our knowledge… I’m a multicultural person, born and grew up with 3 cultures that it’s an amazing gift I’ve got.
    Keep going.


  2. Love the cake and the happy dog! Congrats on your anniversary — and I hear you on the weary factor. I’m enjoying your blog and look forward to more. (Fellow Canadian, 22 years in NY.)

  3. Judy says:

    Enjoy your blogging break and I hope the second half of the year goes a lot better. We’ll still be here when you get back! 🙂

  4. expatriababy says:

    A very happy blogiversary to you!

  5. naomi says:

    did the dog really eat the cake? great photos … congrats on reaching your girl, Maria!!

  6. naomi says:

    der .. your GOAL … (not girl!)

  7. Heide says:

    Congratulations, Maria!

  8. Maria says:

    Thanks, guys!

    (Naomi: The cake had already been moved to a safe place by the time Jeff wandered into the room. He managed to scarf up most of the remnants before being dragged away, though.)

  9. Cue celebratory music……..well done. As a former and current expat I have enjoyed reading your posts (even if I don’t always comment). Enjoy your break!

  10. bookjunkie says:

    Congrats Maria 🙂 yay for your first year and here’s to many more! What a great idea to have cake to celebrate.

  11. Congratulations. How exciting!

  12. 100 posts in one year, I am so impressed! Congratulations!

  13. Congratulations on a great first year. You should be very proud of yourself: building your blog from the ground up while learning how to do all the fun little things that help it grow, hitting the 365 day milestone, writing 100 posts. All during a very tough year. But what you didn’t mention is that you did it all while sharing interesting, well written and perceptive pieces. Enjoy your much-deserved break. Yay for you! (and loved the cake, too!)

  14. Maria says:

    Aw, you guys! 😳 The cake was so good, I might just stick around for another year!

  15. Sine says:

    Congrats Maria, you have a great blog so it’s no surprise your readership is growing. I share your feelings of ecstasy over the first comment, then the first day of over 100 page views, etc, but then also your stress about having to post something almost every day to satisfy your readers! Have a nice break and looking forward to your return.

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