Singapore in photos

I never take enough photos when I’m away, and I always regret it afterwards. This time I swore I’d spend my entire holiday snapping away like crazy. I failed miserably. I did manage to capture a few images of Singapore, though, and since I’m still too jet lagged to string a coherent sentence together, I’m going to let my photos do the talking.

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About Maria

I'm a Canadian repatriate, former expat spouse, mother to two TCKs (and one yellow Lab), mentor to new immigrants, writer, reader, world traveller (grounded for now). I write about expat/repat issues and am still trying to figure out my place in the world.
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19 Responses to Singapore in photos

  1. Joseph Nebus says:

    Ah, I lived in Singapore for several years, and took — without exaggeration — thousands of pictures, and still feel like I missed so many. The more so when my computer’s background image pulls up some photo I’d forgotten and I realize there was more stuff going on in that scene that I didn’t also photograph even though I could have.

    Thanks for the pictures, though. I’m happy seeing the place again.

    • Maria says:

      I’d love to have a thousand pictures of Singapore! I think I need a personal photographer to walk behind me and take photos on my behalf, because I’m so bad at doing it myself.

  2. Great pictures!
    I liked the purple and green houses with the pink and yellow shutters, and the flying lizards…
    Now I want to go to Singapore.

  3. naomihattaway says:

    Heart palpitations . . . can’t wait!

  4. mkbanin says:

    Thanks! Even though I’ve only visited, not lived in, Singapore, your slide show is bringing back good memories. 🙂

  5. Judy says:

    Love the “Not Flying Lizard” sign. Well, if it’s not a flying lizard, what is it then? John Cleese could have made a great sketch out of that, lol!

  6. Sine says:

    Wonderful! I already miss it and our homecoming trip was only in March. Thanks for sharing the pics and your beautiful post earlier about the walls tumbling down. Sounds like you just went by yourself, not with family?

  7. Looks like a fantastic trip. And now I’m wishing for a little weekend away in Singapore. It’s been ages since I was there last!

  8. Love all the colors. You don’t see a lot of red in western countries. Thanks for sharing, Maria.

  9. Karen says:

    I was an expat wife in S’pore too and lived just off Orchard Road. Today I heard your story about the soap “snow” on DNTO and yes, I experienced that too. I miss the hawker’s centres and the satay with compressed rice and peanut sauce. The closest thing I’ve found is a place in Vancouver called Hawker’s Delight. Do they still say OK lah?

    • Maria says:

      Okay lah is alive and well! I’ve never found satay here that comes even remotely close to the hawker centre variety. 😦 Thanks for coming here from DNTO.

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