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Wowed by the Wall

I know I should be writing about my recent Singapore trip, but I feel like taking a quick detour down memory lane instead. Beijing was one of the most exciting cities I visited when my family and I lived in … Continue reading

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Expat women in Singapore: The skinny on being skinny

My honeymoon period in Singapore ended the first time I went clothes shopping and discovered I’d become “plus sized” overnight. I wouldn’t have minded if it weren’t for one thing: I weighed all of 120 pounds. That’s 54½ kilograms. Eight … Continue reading

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Haw Par Villa, we hardly knew ye

When I was very young, I loved poring over my parents’ photo album. It was glossy and black, with a fierce looking tiger on the cover. I always handled it gingerly because it was irreplaceable: a cherished souvenir my dad … Continue reading

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A former expat wife confesses: I’m a bad haggler

Most expats, from what I’ve seen, think of haggling as a game. As long as the players abide by the rules and try not to let the negotiations descend into abject ugliness, it can be a lot of fun. Or … Continue reading

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Mortal combat: the expat wife vs. the mosquito

Cartoon © Natalie Dee | http://www.nataliedee.com Me again! I have a hard enough time posting twice a week, never mind twice in one day, but I’ve just realized that today is World Malaria Day. Malaria, as you probably know, is a … Continue reading

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No paparazzi please, we’re Canadian

All over Asia, people are talking about me. And my family, of course — especially blonde, blue-eyed Younger Daughter. Long before I moved to Singapore — before I had kids, even — Japanese tourists would occasionally stop me on the … Continue reading

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Faces of Asia

To kick off the new year, I’m going to go the “1 picture = 1000 words” route and share some photos I took during my travels throughout Southeast Asia. More words coming your way soon.

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We changed our plans and missed the tsunami

I once watched a movie called Sliding Doors, which had a storyline that split into two parallel realities. In one, the main character catches her train and arrives home early; in the other, she misses the train by seconds and … Continue reading

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The 10 best things about being an expat wife

Canadians celebrated Thanksgiving Day earlier this week, and reflecting on my blessings naturally got me thinking about how grateful I am for all the good that came of living abroad.  So in keeping with the theme of the season, and … Continue reading

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Squatting in Singapore

Every new expat experiences what I call the Dorothy Moment (so named in honour of the sweet young thing who famously suspected she wasn’t in Kansas anymore.) It’s that second of blinding clarity when it becomes apparent that they sure do … Continue reading

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