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Openness to Experience

This is Orla’s first experience with overseas living, and she’s absolutely thrilled with her expat life so far. She feels a bit like a kid in a candy store: so many things to do, see, taste, smell! She loves talking … Continue reading

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French cooking for (expat) dummies

Oh là là! According to Lonely Planet, French gastronomy has just been added to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity list. (So that’s two things I learned today, because I wasn’t even aware that such a list has existed since … Continue reading

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The wedding of my kitchen, and other embarrassing language mistakes

Yesterday, my lovely cousin Stella Maria married James, her longtime beau. The wedding was low-key and fun (just like the couple themselves), and as entertaining as you’d expect when two musicians throw a party and invite their talented friends. But … Continue reading

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My life as an au pair. Chapter 3: In which I reflect on what I learned

To recap the story so far: In my youth, I spent far too many months in a situation straight out of Dickens (only with much better food and slightly better hygiene.) My experience as an au pair in France was … Continue reading

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My life as an au pair. Chapter 2: In which I grow a pair

When I arrived in France to start my au pair adventure, fresh-faced and all of 19 years old, I thought I would easily integrate into French life. Instead, culture shock and isolation – as well as an introverted personality that hadn’t … Continue reading

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My life as an au pair. Chapter 1: In which I make adjustments

Starting up this blog has got me thinking about beginnings; in particular, my very first foray into expat life. At 19, I registered with an au pair agency in Paris. On a whim. When I got the letter offering me … Continue reading

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