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Bottling the essence of beach life

Moving abroad sends our senses of sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell into overdrive, and in this month’s NSEW offering, we explore an element of expat life through one or more of the five senses. In Sound Check, Linda (North) … Continue reading

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Is it wrong to be so attached to a dog?

NorthSouthEastWest: Expat Dispatches: It’s the middle of November so you know what that means: it’s time for our monthly virtual four-way blogfest! North: Linda in The Netherlands at Adventures in Expatland South: Russell in Australia at In Search of a Life … Continue reading

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Separated by more than just water

NorthSouthEastWest: Expat Dispatches    Welcome to the second four-way guest posting of NorthSouthEastWest! We are four expat bloggers who have joined together to rotate our monthly guest posts from the four corners of the world on each other’s blogs: Linda at Adventures In Expatland (North), … Continue reading

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The girl with(out) the gecko tattoo

The prospect of turning 40 has a way of making people crazy. That’s the only excuse I can offer for my uncharacteristic decision, with the Big 4-0 breathing down my neck, to get a tattoo. At the ripe old age … Continue reading

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Panning for gold, repatriate-style

I know, I know — not the most flattering photo of me. But it’s the only one I have from my gold fossicking* expedition somewhere in New South Wales many years ago, and I’m not above a little public humiliation … Continue reading

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We changed our plans and missed the tsunami

I once watched a movie called Sliding Doors, which had a storyline that split into two parallel realities. In one, the main character catches her train and arrives home early; in the other, she misses the train by seconds and … Continue reading

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My home is full of expat memories

“One of my friends told me once she loved coming to my house because ‘expat’ houses were always more interesting than local houses. The multi-cultural, eclectic (OK haphazard) furnishing style of many of our homes becomes our signature design – … Continue reading

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A tale of two tastings: Wine in Bordeaux and Sydney

I’ve been very fortunate to live in or near two of the world’s great wine-producing areas: the Bordeaux region of France, and the Hunter Valley region of Australia. It fascinates me that these two places are polar opposites when it … Continue reading

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Finding the exotic in the mundane

A few weeks ago I was involved in a cross-cultural training session for a young family that was moving to Australia. I was regaling them with tales of my embarrassing misuse of Aussie slang, and somehow the expression “crazy as … Continue reading

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The wedding of my kitchen, and other embarrassing language mistakes

Yesterday, my lovely cousin Stella Maria married James, her longtime beau. The wedding was low-key and fun (just like the couple themselves), and as entertaining as you’d expect when two musicians throw a party and invite their talented friends. But … Continue reading

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