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On expat blogging

I have dedicated my entire life to avoiding the horror of public speaking. When Judy Rickatson asked me to be part of a panel discussion on “Blogging for Expat Success” at this year’s FIGT conference, I was relieved to have … Continue reading

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Another year over

So how was your year? For me, 2012 was a resounding “not bad, not bad at all.” Most importantly, my girls thrived. Elder Daughter started university and fell in love. Younger Daughter also fell in love (with a horse, but … Continue reading

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(Re)introducing…Forced to Fly

Hurray for second editions! Jo Parfitt has released an updated version of an old favourite, Forced to Fly. This collection of stories about the funny side of expat life was written (as the cover so generously puts it) by expatriates … Continue reading

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The 5 stages of repat grief

This weekend I quietly celebrated my 5th repativersary. Hard to believe we’ve been back home in Canada the same amount of time we were away. And incredibly, we’re not just surviving — we’re thriving. (If you had told me back … Continue reading

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From homecoming to homefeeling: 5 things I did right as a repatriate

Today officially marks the end of the holiday season chez nous: Chef Boyardee is back at work, Younger and Elder Daughters are back at school, and Jeff and I are once again alone in a very quiet house. Jeff will … Continue reading

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This expat blogger’s biggest fear

Cartoon © Natalie Dee | http://www.nataliedee.com I Was An Expat Wife is my blog, which means it’s all about me, me, ME! But often, my story overlaps with those of the more junior members of my family. Although I make sure … Continue reading

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Blessed are those who have found their passion

Today was the last equitation show of the season for Younger Daughter. She had high hopes for this show; she’s currently fourth in the overall standings and needed a good performance to push her into the top three. Unfortunately, today … Continue reading

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Why I blog

Expat Women just posted my article on expats who blog. I initially pitched the idea because I’m amazed — and frankly overwhelmed — by the volume of verbiage expatriates fling into the blogosphere every single day. Why, I wondered, do … Continue reading

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