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Bordeaux banking blunders

My first trip to the bank in Bordeaux was a non-event. I walked up to the building, nervously rehearsing the upcoming conversation in my head, and pulled on the door. Nothing happened. A little flustered, I tried pushing it. Nada. … Continue reading

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Hold your horses: we don’t eat that here

Since horsemeat outrage is suddenly in vogue, now seems a good time for me to write about my own scandal involving equine flesh. Although it played out on a smaller, more domestic scale than the one currently gripping Britain, believe … Continue reading

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The changing face of Hallowe’en

When I was a child, Hallowe’en was greeted with a sense of anticipation rivaling only Christmas in intensity. Choosing a costume, dressing up, wandering from door to door with your friends and getting free candy — life didn’t get much … Continue reading

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RAFTing toward a smoother transition

Somewhere around the halfway mark of my recent holiday in Singapore, dermatological disaster struck. A week of constant ping-ponging between the sweltering heat and the Arctic air-conditioning so beloved by the locals had reduced my hands to an eczematous mess. … Continue reading

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Fetchez la vache and other franglaisisms*

Several years ago in Bordeaux, Younger Daughter was invited to a birthday party for one of her classmates. Unfortunately, she didn’t share this information with me until about an hour before the party was to start, which resulted in a … Continue reading

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Younger Daughter’s Expat Story

Today’s guest post was provided by Younger Daughter. I’m cheating with this one, because she wrote it for a school assignment shortly after we moved back to Canada. I like seeing our family’s expat story from an 11-year-old’s perspective, even though … Continue reading

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The lazy expat mom’s guide to language learning

Aaron Myers of The Everyday Language Learner is the idea guy behind today’s post. I discovered his website quite by accident, and I love his approach to learning languages. I’ll let him fill you in on the rest: “Today’s post … Continue reading

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Le pick-up artiste

I was wading through my very clogged inbox yesterday and found an email I’d sent to a friend on May 11, 2006. I’d all but forgotten about this interesting encounter in the aisles of my local Auchan supermarket, but I’m … Continue reading

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From homecoming to homefeeling: 5 things I did right as a repatriate

Today officially marks the end of the holiday season chez nous: Chef Boyardee is back at work, Younger and Elder Daughters are back at school, and Jeff and I are once again alone in a very quiet house. Jeff will … Continue reading

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Merde in France

“Finish this sentence,” said Alex, my French teacher. “The thing I don’t like about Bordeaux is….” She glanced expectantly around the room, but for once, the usually boisterous class was silent. We studiously avoided making eye contact with her. I’m … Continue reading

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