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Even spacemen struggle with re-entry

I read an article a few days ago about astronaut Chris Hadfield, who became the first Canadian to command the International Space Station this past December. Although he’s been to space twice before, this latest mission was his longest ever: … Continue reading

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The illusion of the “similar culture”

The weirdest thing about moving to France was the culture shock. Not the fact that it existed — I was prepared for that.  No, what floored me was how intense it was, especially in comparison to my previous move. Who … Continue reading

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Canada explained: an infographic

Canada is a huge country with distinct regional characteristics. With this fabulous infographic, Canadian graphic artist Kirstin Hallett either trotted out a bunch of tired clichés, or she nailed it — depending on your perspective. (Thanks to Judy Rickatson for posting this … Continue reading

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How the world views Canadians

Oh yeah… we’re wild. Totally. LOL LOL LOL.

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I think I just failed the Canadian citizenship test (redneck style)

Jeff Foxworthy is an American comedian who rose to fame with his “you might be a redneck” shtick. (Example: If you own a home that’s mobile and 5 cars that aren’t, you might be a redneck.) Rumour has it that … Continue reading

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Border buddies

Canada and the United States share the longest undefended* border in the world: 8,891 kilometres long (that’s 5,525 miles, for our American friends.) We’ve been good neighbours for what seems like forever, but we don’t always understand each other. Prior to … Continue reading

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The changing face of Hallowe’en

When I was a child, Hallowe’en was greeted with a sense of anticipation rivaling only Christmas in intensity. Choosing a costume, dressing up, wandering from door to door with your friends and getting free candy — life didn’t get much … Continue reading

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Fall’s fiery colours

My driving has gone all to hell lately. The culprit isn’t my fading eyesight, but the brazen display Mother Nature — all tarted up in her fall finery — is putting on with such wanton abandonment. Autumn is well and … Continue reading

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Discovering the Fall Fair

Full disclosure: until last Sunday, I wasn’t even sure what a fall fair was. But the town of Milton has been holding one every September since 1864, and Younger Daughter wanted to see the horse show there. I figured this … Continue reading

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Goodbye summer

Most of the world celebrates Labour Day on May 1st, but in Canada and the US, it’s the first Monday of September. The tradition began in 1872, when the Toronto Typographical Union went on strike for a 58-hour work week. … Continue reading

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