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Missing the Parade of Nations this UN Day

UN Day just isn’t the same without the Parade of Nations. Today, October 24th, marks the 66th anniversary of the ratification of the Charter of the United Nations. I confess I’d never even heard of UN Day until we moved … Continue reading

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Canadian English spoken here

Writing Monday’s post about Singlish reminded me of all the times I’ve put my foot in my mouth trying to make myself understood in a foreign country. (In my defence, the French words for highlights and ugly people differ by … Continue reading

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Working abroad? Beware the “small talk” trap

The business press is rife with horror stories about the disastrous results of intercultural miscommunication. Even when they speak the local language, expat employees are often frustrated by their inability to understand and be understood in a foreign corporate environment. … Continue reading

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What am I, Canadian?

Mike and Toni, who blog together at Pond Parleys, have a pretty cool set-up. He’s an American living in Britain, she’s a Briton living in America, and they regularly engage in he said/she said banter about the cultural differences they … Continue reading

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No paparazzi please, we’re Canadian

All over Asia, people are talking about me. And my family, of course — especially blonde, blue-eyed Younger Daughter. Long before I moved to Singapore — before I had kids, even — Japanese tourists would occasionally stop me on the … Continue reading

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A snowstorm in Singapore

I wasn’t always Canadian. I wasn’t born here; I don’t have any Canadian blood in me. Maybe that’s why I hate winter so much: the English/Irish blood I inherited from my parents isn’t thick enough to protect me from the … Continue reading

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What my unknown soldier taught me about remembrance

I’ve dutifully observed Remembrance Day my entire life. When I was young, I understood perfectly well its origins and its purpose, but I didn’t feel, in my guts, any real connection to the people I was supposed to be memorializing. … Continue reading

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Lessons learned at the table (hint: it’s not about the food)

Living abroad has changed me in many ways: I’m more open-minded, less judgmental, more conscious of differing perspectives. But here’s the thing: I’m kind of flighty. (“Surely not,” I hear you object. Alas, it’s true.) Being easily distracted by random … Continue reading

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