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The case of the woman who loved international crime fiction

I’ve written before about my love of mystery fiction set in exotic places, an obsession that began in childhood. Some things never change, and these days my iPad is bursting with books written about people whose names I can’t pronounce, … Continue reading

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Dear Mr. Lenin: Please don’t go

I heard some terrible news over the weekend: The man in charge of the Kremlin’s property-management department believes the time has come to remove Vladimir Lenin’s body from public display. Vladimir Kozhingone advocates giving the former Soviet leader a proper … Continue reading

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Gratitude: found in translation

You parents know what hard work it is to teach the language of courtesy to your kids. Please and thank you don’t come naturally to small children, and if I had a dollar for every time I had to prompt … Continue reading

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A grande latte and a slice of history. To go.

Yesterday I read this article in the Telegraph about everyone’s favourite corporate punching bag. It seems a cranky customer was removed from a Manhattan Starbucks after throwing a hissy fit — because a server asked if she wanted butter or … Continue reading

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