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Why rituals are important for expat families

When I was little, my brother and I would carefully lay our stockings at the foot of our beds on Christmas Eve. Christmas stockings had a very specific purpose in our house: they kept us occupied for several hours so … Continue reading

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Most definitely not the opera

A little flurry of excitement around here: last week I taped a short segment about homesickness for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) radio show “Definitely Not the Opera.” A producer had emailed me the week before to ask if I’d … Continue reading

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Sharing Christmas traditions with expat friends

Although holidays are all about tradition, living abroad forced our family to shake things up a little: having chicken for Christmas dinner because we couldn’t fit a turkey in our tiny oven, for example, or leaving the girls’ stockings under … Continue reading

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Outing Santa

Back when I was a perfect parent (in other words, before I had kids), I had certain lofty ideals about the kind of mother I would be. With the smarmy assurance only the truly ignorant can muster, I announced to … Continue reading

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The Christmas gift that changed my life

Like most little kids, my brother and I would wake up shockingly early on Christmas morning. And like most parents, my mom and dad had a weird aversion to being dragged out of bed at 4:00 a.m. The compromise was … Continue reading

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Long live the Gingerbread Man

Much as I resent the ever-creeping boundaries of the festive season (Christmas decorations sharing retail shelf space with Hallowe’en candy, anyone?), I know I can’t postpone my Christmas planning any longer. Common sense tells me a few minutes of frenzied … Continue reading

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