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Not-so-diplomatic incidents

I was sitting in Starbucks, waiting for Younger Daughter’s riding lesson to end, and I’d brought along a book to help pass the time. When the first laugh popped out, it took me by surprise. I checked to see if … Continue reading

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Say what?

I mentioned in my recent post on language learning tips that I have a fondness for naughty words in other languages. A psychotherapist would be able to explain where that enjoyment comes from (and what it says about me), but … Continue reading

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The lazy expat mom’s guide to language learning

Aaron Myers of The Everyday Language Learner is the idea guy behind today’s post. I discovered his website quite by accident, and I love his approach to learning languages. I’ll let him fill you in on the rest: “Today’s post … Continue reading

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Ode to the K-girls

About two years after moving back to Canada, finished with school and having little luck finding a job, I decided to devote some of my considerable free time to volunteer work. I found a settlement agency close to home that … Continue reading

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Gratitude: found in translation

You parents know what hard work it is to teach the language of courtesy to your kids. Please and thank you don’t come naturally to small children, and if I had a dollar for every time I had to prompt … Continue reading

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Canadian English spoken here

Writing Monday’s post about Singlish reminded me of all the times I’ve put my foot in my mouth trying to make myself understood in a foreign country. (In my defence, the French words for highlights and ugly people differ by … Continue reading

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What am I, Canadian?

Mike and Toni, who blog together at Pond Parleys, have a pretty cool set-up. He’s an American living in Britain, she’s a Briton living in America, and they regularly engage in he said/she said banter about the cultural differences they … Continue reading

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Why expats (and everyone else!) should learn another language

Cartoon © Natalie Dee  www.nataliedee.com I read an excellent article about the benefits of language learning in Tuesday’s Telegraph. I can remember a time when the only reasons to learn another language were to converse with your relatives back in the … Continue reading

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Sharing Christmas traditions with expat friends

Although holidays are all about tradition, living abroad forced our family to shake things up a little: having chicken for Christmas dinner because we couldn’t fit a turkey in our tiny oven, for example, or leaving the girls’ stockings under … Continue reading

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Eating humble pie in Vietnam

I’ve been embarrassed so many times in matters of the tongue that I’ve become extremely accommodating when speaking to people who struggle with English. My heart is in the right place, but there have been a couple of occasions when … Continue reading

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