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Getting the most from your look-see visit

An international assignment is an exciting proposition, offering the chance for career advancement, travel, and a new way of life. There’s a lot to consider before signing the contract, though, and most prospective expats carefully weigh the pros and cons … Continue reading

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Battling re-entry shock

Your move overseas probably came with a generous helping of culture shock as you tried to come to terms with your new environment. Fortunately, the intensity of culture shock can be lessened by planning ahead and devising strategies for managing it. … Continue reading

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In praise of local friends

Living overseas can sometimes be difficult, especially if your host culture is dramatically different from the way things are “back home.” Many new expatriate spouses feel overwhelmed and disoriented by the shock of a novel cultural environment. Some respond by … Continue reading

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The 3½ stages of life, according to expats

Living overseas is a big deal. As life transitions go, it’s HUGE. So it’s not surprising that expats who have settled into their new domestic situation live thoroughly “in the moment” — even when the moment lasts years and years. … Continue reading

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Two new books, four thumbs up

Turning International In early 2011, I stumbled upon a nifty little blog called Expat Science and started corresponding with the woman behind the posts, a French psychologist named Catherine Transler. When I mentioned that I enjoyed her short e-book, Dealing … Continue reading

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Repatriation: 5 mistakes I wish I hadn’t made

Last week’s post was fun; I got to pat myself on the back for doing 5 things right when I repatriated. I’d love to leave you with the impression that I handled it all like a pro, but I made … Continue reading

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Actually, some of my best friends are groundhogs

Today is the 2nd of February, that most sacred of days which North Americans have been anticipating for what feels like forever. It’s the day that reveals our destiny…at least for the next six weeks. Yup, it’s Groundhog Day. For … Continue reading

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No paparazzi please, we’re Canadian

All over Asia, people are talking about me. And my family, of course — especially blonde, blue-eyed Younger Daughter. Long before I moved to Singapore — before I had kids, even — Japanese tourists would occasionally stop me on the … Continue reading

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Long live the Gingerbread Man

Much as I resent the ever-creeping boundaries of the festive season (Christmas decorations sharing retail shelf space with Hallowe’en candy, anyone?), I know I can’t postpone my Christmas planning any longer. Common sense tells me a few minutes of frenzied … Continue reading

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Blessed are those who have found their passion

Today was the last equitation show of the season for Younger Daughter. She had high hopes for this show; she’s currently fourth in the overall standings and needed a good performance to push her into the top three. Unfortunately, today … Continue reading

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