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7 tips on surviving home leave

It’s almost that time again: the start of the annual expat migration back home. Some of you will be going home to stay… but we’ll talk about that another day. Today I’d like to focus on home leave instead. Home … Continue reading

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Bringing home the TCKs

Third Culture Kids are resilient creatures, but like adults, many find the move back to their passport country especially difficult. As parents, it’s our job to help them readjust. It takes preparation, patience and sensitivity, and I know from experience that … Continue reading

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Easter for expats

Do you ever feel like you’re living on a roller coaster? When I was an expat I careened from exhilarating highs to disheartening lows — sometimes in the same day.  And especially around the holidays, when heightened expectations and the ache … Continue reading

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The 7 habits of highly effective expats (redux)

On Monday I presented my interpretation of Stephen Covey’s seven habits as seen through the lens of expatriation. Today all I’m borrowing from Mr. Covey is that iconic title. (This post actually pre-dated my reading of the book by about … Continue reading

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Cross-cultural training is essential for expat spouses

During a foreign assignment, the challenges faced by expatriate managers are different from those of their spouses. The manager spends a significant portion of each day within the shelter of an organizational culture that is relatively familiar. In fact, if … Continue reading

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Sometimes it’s the guy who trails

A hundred years ago, expatriate roles were clearly defined: the husband moved to a foreign country to advance his career, and the wife “trailed” behind the husband. Despite a substantial shift in the status of women over the years, this … Continue reading

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In praise of local friends

Living overseas can sometimes be difficult, especially if your host culture is dramatically different from the way things are “back home.” Many new expatriate spouses feel overwhelmed and disoriented by the shock of a novel cultural environment. Some respond by … Continue reading

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What my dog taught me about surviving repatriation

I was reading my friend Linda’s recent post about the expat life lessons she learned from her cat Charley, when I realized that I, too, have a pet who possesses a certain Yoda-like wisdom. That beautiful animal in the photo … Continue reading

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The positives of growing up overseas as a Third Culture Kid

There are many advantages to a TCK upbringing. Third Culture Kids develop valuable skills, including multilingualism, open-mindednessand adaptability. US President Barack Obama, who lived in Indonesia as a boy, shone a spotlight on Third Culture Kids during his election campaign. … Continue reading

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Repatriating TCKs: It’s not all sunshine and lollipops

When it became apparent that our family would be moving back to Canada after five years abroad, I set out to prepare my daughters for yet another big change in their lives. I encouraged them to talk about their feelings, … Continue reading

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