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The toilet revolution

When it comes to toileting habits, the world is divided into two groups: water cultures and paper cultures. Each clan is convinced their way is best, but the intercultural mantra of “there’s no right or wrong, just different,” fails in … Continue reading

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An Unhappy Truth

NorthSouthEastWest: Expat Dispatches   We’re back — four intrepid souls who swap guests posts each month from the far corners of the globe. We are: North: Linda in the Netherlands (Adventures in Expatland) South: Russell in Australia (In Search of a Life … Continue reading

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How I learned to stop worrying and love tri-cultural parenting

NorthSouthEastWest: Expat Dispatches    Welcome to the inaugural four-way guest posting of NorthSouthEastWest! We are four expat bloggers who have joined together to rotate our monthly guest posts from the four corners of the world on each other’s blogs: Linda at Adventures In … Continue reading

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Gratitude: found in translation

You parents know what hard work it is to teach the language of courtesy to your kids. Please and thank you don’t come naturally to small children, and if I had a dollar for every time I had to prompt … Continue reading

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Japan on my mind

I had a post planned for today, but when it came time to click publish, I changed my mind. It seemed wrong to post 500 cheery words about something trivial when devastating images are still pouring out of Japan. I’ve … Continue reading

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