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Repatriating TCKs: It’s not all sunshine and lollipops

When it became apparent that our family would be moving back to Canada after five years abroad, I set out to prepare my daughters for yet another big change in their lives. I encouraged them to talk about their feelings, … Continue reading

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Expat Otherness: Does it exist?

I’m a bit of a word geek, and now that I’ve subscribed to Word of the Day, the lovely folks at Merriam-Webster send me a new word  to tickle my cerebral cortex every single day. Wordie heaven! Yesterday they sent … Continue reading

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My life as an au pair. Chapter 3: In which I reflect on what I learned

To recap the story so far: In my youth, I spent far too many months in a situation straight out of Dickens (only with much better food and slightly better hygiene.) My experience as an au pair in France was … Continue reading

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