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My new hero: Benny the Irish Polyglot

I’m in love. I wasn’t expecting it to happen. I’ve been married to Chef Boyardee for nearly 20 years, so I certainly wasn’t looking for anyone new. But one day I was flicking idly through my twitter feed when I … Continue reading

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The 10 worst things about being an expat wife

It seems only fair, after writing earlier this week about the joys of being an expat wife, that I should give equal time to the dark side. Here, then, are the 10 worst things about being an expat wife: 1. … Continue reading

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Meeting Judy

Becoming an expat is like gaining membership into an exclusive club. We don’t have a secret handshake (although that would be kind of cool), but certain features – such as the specialized jargon and loosely-defined set of norms – do … Continue reading

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