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Beauty and elegance: the cheongsam in Singapore

Last year I attended an intriguing exhibition at the National Museum of Singapore titled “In the Mood for Cheongsam: Modernity & Singapore Women.” Cheongsam is the word commonly used in Singapore for the modern qípáo, the form-fitting dress worn by … Continue reading

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Sometimes it’s the guy who trails

A hundred years ago, expatriate roles were clearly defined: the husband moved to a foreign country to advance his career, and the wife “trailed” behind the husband. Despite a substantial shift in the status of women over the years, this … Continue reading

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The changing face of Hallowe’en

When I was a child, Hallowe’en was greeted with a sense of anticipation rivaling only Christmas in intensity. Choosing a costume, dressing up, wandering from door to door with your friends and getting free candy — life didn’t get much … Continue reading

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(Re)introducing…Forced to Fly

Hurray for second editions! Jo Parfitt has released an updated version of an old favourite, Forced to Fly. This collection of stories about the funny side of expat life was written (as the cover so generously puts it) by expatriates … Continue reading

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Love, Singaporean style

Margo was one of the first people I met when I moved to Singapore.  She was an American psychologist who once mentioned that she taught a “How to Flirt” class for the Singaporean government. I thought she was kidding. She … Continue reading

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RAFTing toward a smoother transition

Somewhere around the halfway mark of my recent holiday in Singapore, dermatological disaster struck. A week of constant ping-ponging between the sweltering heat and the Arctic air-conditioning so beloved by the locals had reduced my hands to an eczematous mess. … Continue reading

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The 5 stages of repat grief

This weekend I quietly celebrated my 5th repativersary. Hard to believe we’ve been back home in Canada the same amount of time we were away. And incredibly, we’re not just surviving — we’re thriving. (If you had told me back … Continue reading

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Kids say the darndest things

Posting “You know you’re a TCK when…” last week jogged a memory loose. It was the line, “You watch a movie set in a foreign country, and you know what the nationals are really saying into the camera” that did … Continue reading

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Most definitely not the opera

A little flurry of excitement around here: last week I taped a short segment about homesickness for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) radio show “Definitely Not the Opera.” A producer had emailed me the week before to ask if I’d … Continue reading

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Singapore in photos

I never take enough photos when I’m away, and I always regret it afterwards. This time I swore I’d spend my entire holiday snapping away like crazy. I failed miserably. I did manage to capture a few images of Singapore, … Continue reading

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