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I think I just failed the Canadian citizenship test (redneck style)

Jeff Foxworthy is an American comedian who rose to fame with his “you might be a redneck” shtick. (Example: If you own a home that’s mobile and 5 cars that aren’t, you might be a redneck.) Rumour has it that … Continue reading

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Most definitely not the opera

A little flurry of excitement around here: last week I taped a short segment about homesickness for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) radio show “Definitely Not the Opera.” A producer had emailed me the week before to ask if I’d … Continue reading

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The winter that wasn’t

Canada is a land of ice and snow, right? Yes indeedy. This idea — so central to our national identity — was perfectly captured in québecois singer Gilles Vigneault’s 1964 song, Mon Pays. The famous opening line goes like this: … Continue reading

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10 ways repatriation is nothing like home leave

10. You’re no longer a rock star. Returning home in a burst of glory every year is like the Second Coming (or Third, or Fourth, depending on how many times you take leave.) Everyone is excited to see you, schedules … Continue reading

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The first snow dump of 2011

We’ve had very little snow so far this season. As I wrote earlier, I’m not a fan of the white stuff, so that suits me just fine. (Although I’ll admit it was a little sad not to have a White … Continue reading

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A snowstorm in Singapore

I wasn’t always Canadian. I wasn’t born here; I don’t have any Canadian blood in me. Maybe that’s why I hate winter so much: the English/Irish blood I inherited from my parents isn’t thick enough to protect me from the … Continue reading

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