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Defining repatriation

“Don’t assume,” the saying goes. “It makes an ASS of U and ME.” Well I don’t know about U, but ME is feeling pretty ASS-like at the moment. I’ve been ploughing through the results of my repatriation survey, and it’s … Continue reading

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Everything you ever wanted to know about expat support, but were afraid to ask

Norman Viss and Carol Van Dyken at the Expat Everyday Support Center have put together an Intercultural Blog Carnival with the theme Expat Support: What We Need, and How to Deliver It. It’s everything you ever wanted to know about … Continue reading

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Bringing home the TCKs

Third Culture Kids are resilient creatures, but like adults, many find the move back to their passport country especially difficult. As parents, it’s our job to help them readjust. It takes preparation, patience and sensitivity, and I know from experience that … Continue reading

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What’s a Third Culture Kid?

Children who’ve spent a considerable portion of their formative years in foreign cultures are known as Third Culture Kids (TCKs). The term “third culture” refers to the lifestyle of global mobility and intercultural living that’s typical of expat children who … Continue reading

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You know you’re a TCK when…

On Mother’s Day, I posted “You know you’re an expat mom when…“, which was inspired by the brilliant list below. It and others like it have been making the Internet rounds for ages, and I wish I knew who the … Continue reading

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You know you’re an expat mom when…

In honour of Mother’s Day, I humbly offer this ode to all those amazing women who organize international relocations, feather new nests in strange lands, guide their children through the choppy waters of integration, and generally hold their family together … Continue reading

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The positives of growing up overseas as a Third Culture Kid

There are many advantages to a TCK upbringing. Third Culture Kids develop valuable skills, including multilingualism, open-mindednessand adaptability. US President Barack Obama, who lived in Indonesia as a boy, shone a spotlight on Third Culture Kids during his election campaign. … Continue reading

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The me-collage: One TCK’s story

At school on Monday, Elder Daughter gave a presentation — cleverly dubbed a me-collage — during her Grade 11 drama class. The me-collage is simply a living collage of one’s life. It’s meant to be an expression of who the … Continue reading

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