Welcome to my repatriation survey!

Repat survey screen shotThanks for your interest in my repatriation survey. The responses to these questions will be raw material for a book on overcoming repatriation challenges. Please feel free to overshare. Your wisdom may help someone else’s re-entry go a little more smoothly.

You can access the survey in two ways:

1. You can complete it online, by heading over to the I Was An Expat Wife Repatriation Survey at SurveyMonkey.

2.  You can also download the repatriation survey in Word format  and return your completed survey to me at maria@iwasanexpatwife.com

Thanks again for your support.


4 Responses to Welcome to my repatriation survey!

  1. Stephanie Fensom says:

    Hi. I was a “star” kid – a British kid growing up in South East Asia. I repatriated aged 18 (having left age 7). I am now a “triangle” – living in UAE. Would you like me to complete the survey or perhaps it is too long ago (I am now 42).

  2. Julia says:

    I could relate to your expat experiences from another angle, but unlike others, I chose to immigrate and dragged my husband who didn’t even speak English. Though, I chose my new country, I had qualms about it many times, but nevertheless kept on trying. Since I had no one to blame, I tried harder to fit in and be successful in every way. Looking back, I am happy that I was able to settle down well, found a good job, and raised my family as well as I could.

    • Maria says:

      My friend Linda Janssen has just published an excellent book called The Emotionally Resilient Expat, and it sounds like that’s exactly what you are. There’s a lot to be said for the ability to keep on going, no matter what. You’ve done well. And your husband sounds like a saint. 🙂

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